About us

About us

IF-Stålskorstenar is a selling company owned by the Erab Group, a family business that started in the late 60s. Erab works with inspection, repair, renovation, demolition and construction / installation of large chimneys, mainly in Sweden.

IF-Stålskorstenar's operations - selling steel chimneys - have been run as part of VL Staal in Denmark, since the late 1980s. Since the autumn of 2007, we are an independent company. The business is run partly from Örebro and partly from Lerum.

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Business concept & history

We have a business idea but also a history. Are you interested in us and our history?

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Quality & environment

Of course we work with quality and environment. Read more about how we work with these goals.

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The people

Who we are and what we look like. Exciting? Take a look at who you meet with us.