You can choose the steel chimney from different sizes and designs, in corten or stainless steel, with a maximum diameter of 5,300 mm and from 10 and up to 140 m height, depending on need. The chimneys are normally manufactured with vibration dampers.

All in one place

Each chimney is produced specifically according to your needs and current national and international regulations. A separate design department for calculation, design and project management guarantees efficient project implementation.

We act as your sparring partner so that you get the optimal chimney solution from inspection and calculation of the current chimney to the design phase: Material selection, surface treatment, transport, assembly and inspection of the new one. Everything is done with own resources, which reduces the cost and increases control.

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Chimney top

Chimney top

Cleaning hatch, round

Round cleaning hatch is delivered as needed, with or without drainage.


Ø 150 mm
Ø 200 mm

Cleaning hatch, square

Square cleaning hatch is delivered as needed, with or without drainage.


W x H 200 x 300 mm
W x H 300 x 400 mm

Vibration dampers

Dynamic/hydraulic vibration damper

Vibration damper is a dynamic, hydraulic vibration damper, which is largely maintenance-free. The function of the damper must be checked once every two years.

Description of the damper

The vibration damper consists of a damper mass, which is suspended in three chains in a damper housing. The lower part of the damper housing is filled with oil, and the perforated plate in the lower part of the damper moves in oil and thereby dampens the movements of the damper mass (the movements of the chimney).

The damper housing is pressure tested to ensure tightness. The attenuator mass and frequency are calculated and set in accordance with the static calculation. The damper mass is damped during the movement of the perforated plate in oil. The attenuation and frequency are checked and approved in the workshop.

Anchoring / bolt group

The foundation bolt arrangement is weighed in plan. Maximum slope in horizontal plane 2: 1000. No concrete may pass over the upper ring. The foundation was cast with cases 1:10 from the outer diameter of the footplate.

Welding and surface treatment

The welding qualifications are in accordance with international norms and standards such as ISO15609-1, 15610 and 15614-1 and EN 287-1.

Surface treatment (standard)

Type B (2 year warranty) -Sandblasting Sa 2,5 acc. DS 2019. 100µ epoxy primer. 60µ polyurethane.

Type C (5 year warranty) -Sandblasting Sa 2,5 acc. DS 2019. 140µ epoxy primer. 60µ polyurethane.

Type D (5 year warranty) -Sandblasting Sa 2,5 acc. DS 2019. 40µ zink epoxy primer. 80µ epoxy between painting. 60µ polyurethane.

Type E (5 year warranty) -Sandblasting Sa 2,5 acc. DS 2019. 60µ zink epoxy primer. 120µepoxy between painting. 60µ polyurethane.

Special surface treatment can be done upon request. Cover paint is supplied in accordance with RAL color cards, with the exception of metallic or fluorescent colors.


Companionway – FABA System A12

The companionway that we use as standard is built on FABA System A12, ie a galvanized ladder with safety equipment (harness and trolley).

FABA A12 meets the standards according to EU 89/686 / EEC and EN 353-1. In addition, FABA A12 complies with the regulations in DIN18799, part 2 and BGV D 36.


Companionway width 380 mm
Step width 2 x 155 mm
Resting platform 300 x 400 mm
Distance between fittings 1400 mm