Privacy Policy for IF Stålskorstenar Aktiebolag

1. Personal information

1.1 We only process the personal data that you provide to us so that IF Stålskorstenar can fulfill our agreement, or the data we receive through others such as the client, client or the like. The personal data collected usually consists of the following:

  • Contact information in the form of; first name, last name, address, e-mail and telephone number.
  • Photo documentation to be able to document damage, work, inspections and more.
  • Sometimes also social security numbers to be able to register staff for courses, certificates, access applications, entry permits, meet legal requirements, report to authorities, and more.

1.2 We may receive information about you from other parties that you have requested help from. This can be, for example: contractors, local craftsmen, partners or the like.

1.3 All information is collected by us at IF Stålskorstenar on your websites, through your company's telephone exchange, via your employees, ie direct collection without the involvement of third parties unless the subcontractor asked us to help and we received personal data shared with us.

2. Use of personal data

2.1 The purpose of this collection of data is to fulfill and keep agreements that we have entered into with you regarding work regarding chimney work and associated details, inspections of these or requests for quotations and also warranty or service matters.

2.2 We only handle the personal data that is needed and relevant to be able to fulfill our purpose with the personal data.

3. Storage of your personal data

3.1 Your personal data is stored internally in our server, computers and telephones. Login to server, computer and phones are password protected to restrict unauthorized access. The server and IT operations are provided by Teknik Kontor Servrar i Örebro AB Data (556501-1938). We work with Microsoft's Office 365 services that meet the requirements of the GDPR.

3.2 All data lagras inom EU och skyddas därför av dataskyddsförordningen.

3.3 Together with our IT operations, we continuously ensure that all security and organizational security measures are taken to ensure that your personal data is not destroyed or lost illegally. In addition, we ensure that unauthorized persons do not have access to process or misuse the information in a manner that is contrary to current rules for the processing of personal data.

4. Data sharing

4.1 We may share your personal data with suppliers, subcontractors, independent inspectors, insurance companies, banks, advisers, etc. if necessary to be able to keep our agreement with you.

4.2 In addition, we may share your personal data if we need to provide or share information about you with government agencies.

5. Deletion of personal data

5.1 We only store personal data as long as it fulfills the purpose or is required by other required Swedish law such as but not necessarily limited to; Accounting Act, legal obligation or contractual terms.

5.2 You can at any time ask us to delete information stored about you.

6. Your rights

6.1 You always have the right to see what personal information we have stored regarding you. If you wish to receive this information, please contact us by e-mail or telephone number.

6.2 You also have the right to object, ask to delete or restrict the processing of your personal data.

6.3 If you have complaints regarding our processing of your personal data, this should be done to the Data Inspectorate by phone: 08-657 61 00 or via e-mail:

7. Responsible for data

7.1 Your personal data is collected and processed by:

IF Stålskorstenar AB
Gamla vägen 3
SE-702 27 Örebro
Org No: 556125-3062

8. Routines for handling data

8.1 Twice a year, all personnel and devices (computers, servers, telephones, etc.) that store information in the company go through to ensure that everything complies with our guidelines.

8.2 In addition, we may share your personal data if we need to provide or share information about you with government agencies.

9. Camera surveillance

9.1 Our properties are monitored with cameras at entrances for crime prevention purposes. This takes place outside the property and at entrances. The monitoring takes place only on our land and is clearly marked with signs and contact information for us. Only video is recorded and saved in accordance with the data protection regulations. The audio recording is not available.